Mario Tarantino

Basically I look through a viewfinder, push a shutter button & when I hear a “click” a moment in time has been captured – that is what I do, described in the simplest of ways.
Behind that simple description is an award winning interior & architectural photographer with a perfectionist approach to lighting, composition, colour, staging, attention to detail and technique.

I am comfortable shooting for architects, interior designers, hotels, resorts and dedicate my professional work in its entirety to shooting buildings of all types, including residential, corporate, cultural spaces and museums. My hands on experience, perfectionist approach and eye for detail is being applied to all stages of the image creation process, from pre-shoot planning to meticulous post-production and it goes without saying during the shoot itself. I find immense satisfaction in creating compelling imagery, helping you define your image in illustrating your story.

Based in Spain, I am available for both national & international assignments.